CMC-South-2014 has ended
Welcome to the 55th Annual CMC-South Conference in fabulous Palm Springs!

Thank you for making the conference a huge success!

To access Speaker Handouts or PPTs, please click on the session you are interested in and look to see if one was submitted.   You can also email the speakers directly through Sched or through their email listed in the program.

See you next year, November  6-7, 2015!!
Friday, October 24

8:30am PDT

120 - Build Productive Mathematical Thinkers Mesquite GMary Cavanagh 121 - Land of Ten-Activities for Place Value Learning Chino AMichelle Kubiak • Susan Kunze 180 - Mathematical Modeling - Problem Solving in Action! Smoke Tree ABetty Gasque 190 - Taylor Series: A Beautiful Story Behind a Most Dreaded Topic Plaza ABence Szamosfalvi 191 - Calculus Before Calculus Plaza BSusan Keeble 129 - Fear Not the Fraction: Embracing the changes of the CCSS MaderaJames Burnett 130 - Model fraction operations with a number line and rectangle Palladium NorthJennifer Synold 131 - Fractions & The Common Core: Engaging Children Differently Plaza DCarolee Koehn Hurtado • Brandon McMillan 132 - increase mastery of multiplication and division Mesquite DMary Peterson 133 - A Plan B: Enhance Students’ Understanding of +, -, x, and ÷ Mesquite HPat Ballew 134 - Tiered Real World Problems Address Mathematical Practices VenturaArjan Khalsa 135 - Exploring Fractions Through Number Talks Routine San JacintoShelah Feldstein • Kim Webb 136 - Preparing a good math game – from my desk to yours Plaza CGreisy Winicki Landman 101 - How Old is the Shepherd? Primrose ARobert Kaplinsky 137 - Transforming Mathematical Practices into Action Santa RosaDr. Juli Dixon, Alex and Jessica Dixon 138 - Getting to the Point on Decimal Fractions CactusAllan Turton 139 - Use Cubes As a Setting for Your Problem Solving Woodstock TwoDennis Mulhearn 140 - Discovering PI and solving proportions Roxyjoe shim • Veronica Smith 141 - Fantasy Baseball: A Task for Project-Based Learning Mesquite CAndrea Hammond • Gregory Hammond 142 - Algebra Intervention & CCSS: Prob Solving, the Intersection Woodstock OneMardi Gale 143 - Engineering a Number Line – a Common Core unit for all ages Primrose CBrent Ferguson 144 - Promoting Mathematical Discourse: Mystery Bags, Speed Dating Primrose DDr. Mark Ellis • Susanna Meza 150 - Assess Mathematical Practices using Practice-Forward tasks Palladium SouthMona Toncheff 152 - Polynomials, Logarithms and Trigonometric Functions AndreasAnna Kwak 153 - Merging the 'Bookends' of STEM: Science and math Chino BLeann Iacuone • Jeff Lukens 160 - I have to write? I thought we were in algebra! Mesquite FEsmeralda Orozco • William Stuart 161 - HANDS ON TRANSFORMATIONS: RIGID MOTIONS Mojave Lrng CtrShelley Kriegler 162 - Understanding Functions Through Problem Solving Pueblo BStaci Shackelford 163 - Writing activities that SUPPORT common core initiatives Mesquite BRobert Gerver 164 - The Art of Questioning: Transforming Your PLC Smoke Tree BJennifer Wilson 170 - Build the Algebraic Foundation for Confident Problem Solvers Mesquite EAl Rabanera • Armandina Turner 172 - Mira Mira on the Wall: Hands on Constructions in Geometry SierraKyndall Brown 193 - Strengthen statistical interpretations with technology Smoke Tree DLinda Saeta 195 - Estimating a Margin of Error from a Sample Survey TapestryDaren Starnes 196 - Providing Students Specific Feedback from Diagnostic Data Roxy OneBruce Arnold 105 - Build Competent Problem Solvers with Rubrics not Percentages Smoke Tree CTim Hudson 112 - Problems Per Primary Pupils Primrose BCook Marcy 113 - Illustrating Common Core Standards through math tasks PasadenaJody Guarino 110 - Counting & Number Sense with Young Children Smoke Tree EHasmik Cochran • Linnea Paul 111 - 3 Reasons Kids Don’t Know Addition Facts And How to Help Palm CanyonChristina Tondevold 197 - Mathematical Practices: The Key to Better Problem Solving Pueblo AJudith Jacobs 148 - La Cucina Matematica: Free Tools for your Math Kitchen Roxy TwoJohn Stevens • Matt Vaudrey 149 - NSPIRE PROBLEM SOLVERS WITH DOC PLAYER Smoke Tree FSherrina Clark 199 - Middle Years Catch Up: Games WITH CARDS AND DICE Mesquite AJohn Felling

10:30am PDT

200 - Determining What Children Know: Dynamic vs. Static Assessment Primrose CCathy Fosnot 203 - Reasoning, discovering, and critiquing with networked tasks Primrose BEli Luberoff 201 - Decisions and Shifts Required by the Common Core State Stds Primrose ADavid Foster 220 - CCSS and Math Fact Fluency Plaza CEileen Salsman 280 - ATTACKING FINANCE PROBLEMs ALGEBRAICALLY Mesquite BRobert Gerver 290 - Calculus Before Calculus Plaza ASusan Keeble 221 - Building Strong writing in mathematics Mesquite DCraig Willmore 231 - Rich Math Task with 5 Practices Plus Chino AJoan Commons 232 - The Multiplication Table is STILL the right math tool Plaza BChristopher Brown • Luis Vasquez 237 - Confidence = Exploration + Problem Solving Smoke Tree FWalter Lewis 238 - Supporting Critical Thinking in the Math Classroom Mesquite CKatie DeGraffenreid • Kim Voge 240 - Fostering Perseverance with Interesting Math Problems Pueblo ANanette Johnson 241 - Real students! Real classrooms! Real problems! Pueblo BBrent Jackson 243 - Teasing Out the Math – The Art of Facilitation RoxyJason Chamberlain • Mike Chamberlain 244 - Developing Problem Solvers Through Graphing Relationships Woodstock OneStacey Olson • Courtney Schreiman 239 - Algebra Intervention & CCSS: Prob Solving, the Intersection Palladium SouthMardi Gale 245 - Got the HOTS for Math? Woodstock TwoChris Shore 246 - Using Google Forms for Quick Formative Assessments Smoke Tree DRachel Lasek 247 - Are Students Using Technology or Is Technology Using Them? Mesquite HAvery Pickford 250 - Don't Call Me After Midnight - Solving Equations with DCMAM Mesquite FVanessa Amorin • Nicole Saltzman 251 - Creating a Classroom Culture of Confident Problem Solving Palladium NorthJim Short 252 - Notebook with Foldables: A Tool to Organize Student Learning SierraBence Szamosfalvi 260 - hands on transformations: dilations and similarity Mojave Lrng CtrShelley Kriegler 261 - The Great Applied Problem & Other Individualized Activities Mesquite ETom Reardon 262 - Put Yourself in Your Algebra Problems with Digital Video Smoke Tree BAllan Bellman 206 - Integrated Mathematics Courses: 'a-g' & Common Core Aligned Chino BOghwa Ladner • Stephen Mason 270 -Sidewalks of Prague Smoke Tree CMaureen Burkhart • Michelle Katz 271 - The reaL WORLD: TI-NSPIRE pALM SPRINGS Smoke Tree AScott Bricker • Monique Harrison 272 - Solutions, Extraneous Solutions, & the Logic of Solving Eqns AndreasJoshua Chesler 295 - Projects Promote Statistical Understanding: Common Core & AP TapestryDaren Starnes 296 - Student-centered Learning from the other side Roxy OneCaroline Clark • Martha Rojas 291 - “MOVING” THROUGH CALCULUS – ANIMATIONS PROPEL UNDERSTANDING Primrose DAudrey Weeks 210 - K-2 CGI Addition and Subtraction Problem Types Plaza DRosa 211 - Children's Invented Algorithms: A CGI Perspective Smoke Tree ENick Johnson 212 - Simple Accommodations for IEP Students in your Classroom CactusTricia Bagnas 213 - Literature and Manipulatives—Use BOTH to Teach the Standards VenturaSara Moore • David Schwartz 214 - Scaffolding Academic Language in Math for Accessing Rigor Palm CanyonDeborah Shepard 215 - Supporting English Language Development In Math San JacintoShelah Feldstein • Kim Webb 216 - Real and Virtual Manipulatives: Effectively Teach the CCSS Santa RosaKevin Dykema 205 - Building the plane while flying: Our story of implementation Mesquite GKathy Bradley • Angela Torres 248 - Exploring Project Based Learning through the lens of CCSS Roxy TwoAmy Callahan • Jade White 299 - Finding and Addressing Common Core Math Gaps from K to 12 Mesquite AFrankie Mata

1:30pm PDT

301 - Come On In the Math is Fine! Dive into the CA Math Framework Primrose CTom Adams • Lisa Grant 302 - Mathematical Reasoning: Why we are bad at it Primrose APatrick Callahan 320 - Fill in the gap math VenturaLori Triplett 329 - Problem Solving with Fractions Pueblo BShernice Lazare • Rosangela Viera 330 - Learn to Teach Long Division with Common Core Methods Mesquite CAlysia Krafel 331 - Building Strong, Sustainable Student Partnerships through CGI Plaza DJennifer Lawyer 332 - Connecting the Math Through Meaningful Tasks Plaza CJennifer North-Morris 333 - FRACTIONS DON'T HAVE TO BE FRUSTRATING Palladium SouthKevin Dykema 335 - Persevere through the CCSS with ExploreLearning GIZMOS! Cactus 336 - Barbie, Ken and STEM: Tasks and Projects to Prompt Learning Woodstock OneCarole Greenes 339 - Digging into Fraction Division Palladium NorthJulie McNamara • Morri Spang 340 - 50+ CALCULATOR ACTIVITIES/GAMES TO ENCOURAGE PROBLEM SOLVING Mesquite FLynda Wormell 342 - Instructional practices that build competent problem solvers Plaza BAnn Trescott 343 - Math Practices & NCTM Teaching Practices = Problem Solving Woodstock TwoTrudy Mitchell 344 - TWO-WAY TABLES: A CHALLENGING NEW 8TH GRADE STATS STANDARD Mesquite HChase Orton 304 - BRINGING PROBLEM-SOLVING INTO YOUR MATH CLASSROOM CatalinaFAWN NGUYEN 345 - Modeling Mathematics Using Problem-Solving Tasks Primrose BAndrew Stadel 346 - You Talkin’ to Me? Discourse and Mathematics Pueblo AJoe Garland • Phet Pease 347 - Martin Gardner and the mathematical practices AndreasMichael Serra 348 - To own the MATH is to love the math Chino BJeff Lukens 349 - Apps -- an unusual key to problem solving RoxyDiana Herrington 350 - Transformational Geometry with Geogebra Smoke Tree FArmando Martinez Cruz • Ross Morrow 351 - Desmos: Infinite graphing power on every device. For free. Mesquite BMichael Fenton 352 - CCSS, Questioning Techniques, Technology, and Rich Tasks Mesquite ETom Reardon 353 - Trike Wars! How great tasks create great problem solvers AndreasMitch Heethius • Marti Hoyt 360 - Battleships, shuffleboard and problem solving-a connection? Santa RosaClaudia Maness 361 - How I Met Your Mother Function Mojave Lrng CtrIvan Cheng • Jaspreet Sandha 363 - “MOVING” THROUGH ALGEBRA – ANIMATIONS PROPEL UNDERSTANDING Primrose DAudrey Weeks 370 - Using Anchor Tasks to Drive Instructional Shifts Smoke Tree BKyle Atkin 371 - Using Technology to Enhance Common Core Mathematics Smoke Tree DMyra Deister 372 - Competence and Confidence with the TI-Nspire CX CAS Smoke Tree AJoanne Ryan 373 - Formulas No More: The Power of Inductive Reasoning SierraAlexandra Lee • Bence Szamosfalvi 393 - Strengthen statistical interpretations with technology Smoke Tree ELinda Saeta 396 - CSU-MTEP: A Session for Sharing Ideas and Giving Input Roxy OneMargaret Kidd • David Pagni 390 - Calculus in the cc ERA: HOW THE cc mP'S relate TO CALCulus Plaza AEric Shulman 395 - Statistics, Sports, and Real Research: a new experiment TapestryWilliam Thill 313 - Do the Math, Talk the Math Mesquite DJames Christman • Gordon Smoire 307 - Common Core Circles: Selecting Awesome tasks Smoke Tree CBruce Grip • Dina Williams 310 - Building Number Sense and a Love of Math for Life Mesquite GBob Sornson 311 - 3 Steps to Move From Procedural to Conceptual Teaching Palm CanyonChristina Tondevold 306 - One District’s Journey for Making the CCSSM a Reality San JacintoSophia Burr • Christine Roberts 337 - Making math meaningful: Decimals are Fractions, too! Chino AKimberly Rimbey 399 - Fact Mastery: Commutative Properties and Learning Centers Mesquite ARon Stuart

3:30pm PDT

402 - Teaching Number Sense to the iGeneration Primrose AEric Milou 401 - CA Math Framework: A Tool for Teachers of English Learners Primrose CJose Dorado • Deborah Franklin • Lisa Grant 403 -Preparing Problem Solvers to Think Mathematically PasadenaCathy Seeley 421 - demystifying dice - games for exploring operations, and more VenturaLori Triplett 422 - Math Happens When Children Wonder About What Authors Write Woodstock TwoDavid Schwartz 491 - I Love My AP Calculus Class! Plaza BHoward Alcosser 495 - Building Confidence with CCSS Statistical Inference TapestryJason Molesky • Douglas Tyson 822 - Claim, Support, Question – Thinking Routine Smoke Tree DJeff Linder • Vanessa Scarlett 429 - Let's explore the common core with math on the floor! Mesquite GWendy Hill (The Learning Carpet) 431 - Geometry Tasks that Develop Student Problem Solvers San JacintoChristine Roberts 432 - Tape Diagramming in the Common Core Smoke Tree EGrace Greenleaf • Sabrina Ortega 433 - Teaching Fractions in the Common Core Era Woodstock OneTricia Salerno 435 - Groups that Work – Building Collaborative Problem Solvers Roxy TwoEllen Crews • Annette Wilson 436 - Tools to Develop Competent and Confident Problem Solvers Palm CanyonMelanie Maxwell • Stephen Sher 437 - Effective CCSS Math Prep Through Personalized Learning Pueblo BRaymond Ramos 439 - Hitting the Trifecta! Fractions to Decimals to Percents Plaza CSabrina Blake • Dorothy Johnston 438 - Singin’ & Singin’: Steps & Applications thru Songs & Signs CactusSiegrid Stillman 440 - Number line: empowering mathematical thinking Primrose BBrad Fulton 441 - Games and Dancing in Pre-Algebra and Algebra Mesquite HIvona Grzegorczyk 442 - Building Connections Through Authentic Tasks Santa RosaErin Fraser • Brian Shay 444 - Be Creative with Problems, Projects and Performance Tasks Palladium NorthMarcella Cook • Linda Faulk 450 - A Scaled Up Approach to Area, Surface Area and Volume RoxyRoberto Garcia • Johnny Reyes 451 - Building Students' Confidence as Persevering Problem Solvers Palladium SouthJeanne Ramos 452 - Turning Students Into Posers + Solvers Mesquite BMichael Fenton 460 - Transforming Transformational Geometry Mesquite FJessica Jordan • Brisia De La Rosa 461 - Using the TI-Nspire as a Problem Solving Tool Smoke Tree ADavid Reeves 462 - Using Google Apps to launch the Transformation Smoke Tree FCheryl Brown 463 - The oohs and aahs of Math Practice Standard 3 Chino BRobin Levine-Wissing • Rhoda McInerney 464 - Put Yourself in Your Algebra Problems with Digital Video Smoke Tree BAllan Bellman 470 - The Task at Hand: Making Task-Based Learning Work for You SierraNate Goza • Liem Tran 471 - My (brief?) Journey as a Geometry Textbook Author/Publisher Mesquite EBill Doherty 496 - CAMTE Information Session and Meeting Roxy OneMargaret Kidd 490 - Problem-Solving with the FUNdaMENTAL Theorem Plaza ABrent Ferguson 466 - Mathematical Modeling with Strawberries and videos Primrose DSean Nank 411 - Making Math Meaningful: Problem Solving with Place Value Chino AKimberly Rimbey 412 - Orchestrating Powerful Discussions Beyond Show and Tell Mesquite CJody Guarino • Cathery Yeh 413 - Building Conceptual Understanding of Number & Operations Mesquite DSara Moore 414 - Math Literacy: Independent Problem SolvingStrategies Plaza DDanielle Moore 415 - Use CCSS OA Problems to Implement the Mathematical Practices CatalinaKaren Fuson 406 - Common Core Circles: Enacting Awesome Tasks Smoke Tree CMichael Farber • Jennifer Montgomery 405 - Empowering African American and Latino Youth for Success Mojave Lrng CtrLarry Bell 445 - Tricks of the Trade AndreasMichael Serra 499 - A Step Beyond STEAM Mesquite AMaz Wright
Saturday, October 25

8:30am PDT

501 - Erase Math Failure Through Mindset & Multi-dimensional Math PasadenaJo Boaler 506 - Developing a Lens of Structure to Build Mathematical Meaning SierraCasey Hawthorne • Beth Rackliffe 520 - Multi-Step Problem Solving: Setting the Stage CactusValerie Henry 530 - Warm-up Activities Inspired by CGI Practices Mesquite DMonica Acosta • Noelani Morris 531 - Rhythm of Math Smoke Tree CLew Douglas 532 - Building Foundations: Conceptual Division Smoke Tree ERussell Geisner • Ashley McCullough 535 - Get Students Arguing in Class with Number Sense Activities CatalinaAndrew Stadel 538 - A “Hands On” Approach to the Distributive Property Palm CanyonDavid Chamberlain 536 - Area - Where Can I Find Great Problems? Plaza BDennis Mulhearn 537 - starters & stumpers to keep minds in motion Primrose BCook Marcy 540 - promoting mathematical practices through student discourse Primrose DBrad Fulton 539 - Improving reasoning through Written Performance Assessments Mesquite CJohn Woodward 541 - Promoting Students’ Understanding of The Nature of Math Palladium SouthRong-Ji Chen 542 - Increasing Student Competence through Mathematical Modeling Mesquite ELisa Maggiore • Nancy Butler Wolf 544 - CCSS Middle School Proportional Reasoning: it’s a big deal! RoxyMark Goldstein • Cynthia Raff 546 - Using Bivariate Data to Problem Solve & Create Explanations Plaza CDavid Harris • Susan Zwiep 547 - Developing Algebraic Reasoning from Quantitative Reasoning Plaza DGenevieve Esmende • Osvaldo Soto 548 - Soar With Common Core Math Fun (Grades 6 – 11) Woodstock OneMichael Hattar • Viken "Vik" Hovsepian 551 - Getting Students to Talk Confidently (about Math!) Palladium NorthKathleen Strange 552 - Desmos: Infinite graphing power on every device. For free. Mesquite FMichael Fenton 553 - Building Mathematicians Through Rich Experiences Mojave Lrng CtrVanessa Cerrahoglu • Jeremy Hansuvadha 560 - A Crash Course in Stats Concepts in Integrated 1/Algebra 1 AndreasRenee Kollar-Bachman • Tina Shinsato 561 - Who, Me, i am going to teach statistics in algebra 1 and 2? Smoke Tree ARobin Levine-Wissing • Rhoda McInerney 562 - Persevering through Algebra 1 and Geometry Problems Smoke Tree BKatie Martinez 563 - Problems that Motivate Students & Necessitate Geom Concepts Plaza ASuzie Fore • Jannelle Olivier 570 - Transitioning to CCSS in Your Algebra Classroom Mesquite BKasey Grant • Al Rabanera 571 - The Pressure of Hitting Two Birds with One Stone Chino ALeann Iacuone • Elizabeth Wilson Ludy 594 - A Statistics project with Geogebra Smoke Tree FTuyetdong Phan-Yamada • Walter Yamada 550 - Algebra In Disguise: That’s Magic Chino BBianca Converse • Cherlyn Converse 565 - Dynamic Algebra Building Competent Confident Problem Solvers Pueblo AChris Mackenzie 510 - LET'S EXPLORE THE COMMON CORE WITH MATH ON THE FLOOR! Mesquite GWendy Hill (The Learning Carpet) 512 - Using Language to Develop Addition and Subtraction Concepts Roxy TwoRosemary Irons 513 - Increase Mastery of Addition and Subtraction VenturaMary Peterson 514 - Number Sense Routines that Support the SMPs Pueblo BMelissa Canham 507 - CCS Problem Solving for English Learners – It is Possible! Woodstock TwoElmano Costa 508 - leverage the mathematical Practices to build perseverance Primrose AMatthew Larson 509 - Building Better Blends Mesquite HMyeisha Phillips • Erich Zeller 505 - Learn How To Integrate Filmmaking and Mathematics Santa RosaJohn J. Gaines • Rogelio Villasano Jr. 522 - Problem Solving Using Reasoning and Communication Roxy OneMelanie Maxwell • Stephen Sher 533 - Fibonacci in Natural Sciences, a STEM activity. San JacintoJorge Garcia 543 - Number line math for middle years Primrose CJohn Felling 599 - Introduction to Bridges in Mathematics K-5 Mesquite APia Hansen • Rick Ludeman

10:30am PDT

604 - Teaching Fractions in an Era of CCSS: Equal Sharing Tasks Mesquite DBill Ricketts 601 - offering a thought-provoking experience through math Primrose BPresident Edward Burger 603 - Number Talks in High School: Shifting the Classroom Culture Primrose ACathy Humphreys 620 - Using the iPad in Math to Increase problem solving skills VenturaMary Peterson 621 - Mental Math Means Mastering Number Facts and Much More Palladium SouthRosemary Irons 680 - Modeling the Suez Canal: A $Million System of Equations Roxy OneDan Teague 630 - THE PATCH “CORE” QUILT AndreasJames Nadler 631 - Inquiry in Mathematics Woodstock OneJoan Commons 632 - Getting to the Core of Solving Problems Smoke Tree ENicholas Restivo 640 - because you're mine, I dance the line Palm CanyonMarie LaCassa • Sean Yee 641 - What’s new in CCSS middle school proportional reasoning? RoxyMark Goldstein • Cynthia Raff 642 - Restoring Order to Permutations and Combinations Mesquite HSarah Anderson • Patrick Kimani 643 - Problem Solving in the RP Domain Using a Double Number Line Mesquite EJudy Keeney • Jennifer Moffett 644 - NASA Smart skies: problem solving in air traffic control Smoke Tree DRebecca Green 645 - Pizza & Patterns: Student-Developed Slope/Intercept Concepts Woodstock TwoIlene Foster • Wayne Snyder 646 - Using Google Forms for Quick Formative Assessments Mesquite DRachel Lasek 647 - TI Navigator system--The right tool for the job Smoke Tree ANaomi Fried-Kokason • Tania Lopez- Hipple 648 - Using Digital Storytelling to Bring California CCSM to Life CatalinaStephanie Castleberry • Bryan Portnoy 649 - Quantitative Problem Solving: the Parametric Approach Mojave Lrng CtrManuel Chavez 650 - Building Structures That Guide Student Sense-Making Plaza BJavier Garcia 651 - Getting Students to Talk Confidently (about Math!) Palladium NorthKathleen Strange 652 - Lots of Squares: An example from the Digital Library Mesquite CSean Nank • Tiffany Obrien 660 - Hands-On Strategies for Transformational Geometry San JacintoJulie Joseph 661 - Who, Me, i am going to teach statistics in algebra 1 and 2? Smoke Tree BRobin Levine-Wissing • Rhoda McInerney 663 - Preparing for New CCSSM Geometry Standards Plaza DFrances Henderson • Osvaldo Soto 670 - Crocodiles, Logs and the Mathematical Practice Standards Primrose CGail Burrill 672 - Creating quality Common Core assessments and activities Chino BSarah Jensen 696 - Implementing CCSS for HS students starting the CC experience TapestryKristine Cunningham • Jeanette Scott 665 - Dynamic Algebra Building Competent Confident Problem Solvers Pueblo AChris Mackenzie 610 - Be Precise: Link Addition and Subtraction CactusRob Nickerson 611 - Problem Solving in the Primary Grades Mesquite FGohar Hamo • Matthieu Hamo 612 - Empowering Teachers to Transform Numeracy Chino AVicki Breneman 613 - CGI and the Common Core Pueblo BKim Morchower 614 - Engineering in the Elementary Santa RosaJohn J. Gaines • Rogelio Villasano Jr. 616 - Teaching English Language Learners through Rich Math Tasks Smoke Tree CGlenn Kenyon • Noam Szoke 615 - Mathematical Practice Standards in Action Mesquite GAnn Trescott 697 - Dissecting the SBAC Assessments Plaza AStephen Batman 671 - Problem solving with π Smoke Tree FKellie Evans • Kyle Ramstad 699 - Differentiated Implementation of the Problem Based Task Mesquite ARebecca Johnson

1:15pm PDT

701 - Fake-World Math: Math Modeling Gone Wrong & Getting It Right Primrose BDan Meyer 720 - Building measurement tools to build understanding San JacintoJulie Joseph 795 - Teaching Sampling and Experiments IN AP Statistics Palm CanyonJason Molesky • Douglas Tyson 790 - Learning Calculus through explorations Mesquite EMimi Yang 722 - Setting the Stage for MP3; Making Discourse Safe for ELs VenturaJulie McNamara • Morri Spang 723 - “Talk To Learn” Key Concepts & Academic Language Santa RosaDebra Coggins 730 - FUN MATH GAMES THAT BUILDS CONFIDENT PROBLEM SOLVERS Palladium NorthMary Curry 732 - Building a Community of Learners Through Problem Solving Mesquite FHeidi Butkus • Judy Devens-Seligman 733 - Be Strategic: Tools for Multiplication and Division Mesquite HRob Nickerson 734 - fractions for fun---not fear! Primrose ACook Marcy 735 - Making Sense of Fractions and Operations with Fractions Smoke Tree ABarbara Schallau 736 - • Into the Core: Rigorous Tasks for All Plaza BMaria Tere Hirsch 737 - Literacy and the CCSSM: Reading & Writing for Understanding Smoke Tree EDavid Pugalee 739 - Unraveling the Mysteries of Geometry by Building a Box Chino ANicholas Restivo 740 - Improving reasoning through Written Performance Assessments Mesquite CJohn Woodward 741 - Engaging Students in CCSMP 1: What Does the Teacher Do? Pueblo AIris Riggs • Laura Wallace 742 - Problems to Exploit Seeing Structure & Generalization Plaza CJoanne Becker 743 - Catch the One That Got Away – Transforming Math Haters RoxyJason Chamberlain • Mike Chamberlain 744 - CCSS, Ratios and Proportions: Implications for Our Teaching Primrose CGail Burrill 746 - Transformulas: simplifying relationships with hi & lo tech SierraJedidiah Butler 748 - The Creepy Roller Coaster Ride: Building A Common Core Unit Woodstock TwoChris Shore 750 - Problems that Motivate Students&Necessitate Algebra Concepts Plaza ASuzie Fore • Jannelle Olivier 752 - Do the Math: Like Your Life Depends On It Roxy TwoJohn Berray • Jennifer North-Morris 760 - 14 Ways to PROBLEM SOLVE Like A Mathematician Mojave Lrng CtrJillian Riehl 761 - Use elbow-grease: build air-duct elbows using constructions Chino BClaudia Maness 762 - How well do my students know the algebra they need to know? Smoke Tree BJudy Kysh 763 - Transforming How We Make Sense of Congruence and Similarity Roxy OneJennifer Wilson 766 - Yawning is Contagious? Testing for differences in Algebra 2 CatalinaJared Derksen 770 - Standards for Mathematical Practice in an Urban Context Mesquite BKyndall Brown 771 - Exploring Mean, Median, and Mode in the Common Core for HS AndreasAmy Aviv • Susan Sim-Kim 796 - Exploring Project Based Learning through the lens of CCSS TapestryAmy Callahan • Jade White 749 - Asynchronous Explorations Smoke Tree DGreg Baird • Brandon Luke 710 - Moving Students Forward: Formative Assessment in K-2 Plaza DSara Moore 711 - Make Sense of Number Relationships with Number Lines K-2 CactusAnn Carlyle 712 - Three Reads: Solving Rigorous Math Tasks with Understanding! Mesquite GDr. Barb Blanke 713 - Walk the Number Line for Problem Solving! Primrose DKim Sutton 714 - Use CCSS OA Problems to Implement the Mathematical Practices Pueblo BKaren Fuson 709 - Teach Number Sense with More Understanding and Less Counting Palladium SouthJoan A. Cotter 745 - Similarity with Geogebra Smoke Tree FArmando Martinez Cruz • Ross Morrow 799 - Dial up the “math noise” in your classroom Mesquite AMelissa Heinz • Stephanie Patterson

3:15pm PDT

801 - Teaching Math Using Real-world topics Primrose BKarim Ani 802 - Leading Mathematics Change Across a School District Primrose AJo Boaler • Cathy Williams 880 - Modeling the Suez Canal: A $Million System of Equations Plaza ADan Teague 895 - Building Confidence with CCSS Probability Palm CanyonJason Molesky • Douglas Tyson 821 - Solving Word Problems Using Tape Diagrams San JacintoTracey Dunn 822 - Claim, Support, Question – Thinking Routine Palladium NorthJeff Linder • Vanessa Scarlett 830 - Teaching Fractions for Proportional Reasoning! Primrose DKim Sutton 831 - Importance of the Number Line in Understanding Fractions CatalinaArjan Khalsa 832 - Spark Student Dialogue: Use Math Songs to Meet the Math CCSS Mesquite GLaMar Queen 833 - Problem Solving with Dynamic Geometry Software Smoke Tree FValerie Henry 834 - Modeling with Mathematics to Promote Better Problem Solvers Plaza CMichele Appleby • Hilda Castillo 839 - Exploring Math through Puzzles RoxyNancy Blachman 840 - Promoting Productive Struggle with Juicy Problems Mesquite FVicki Vierra 841 - Occupy Mars High Motivational STEAM++ Project Based-Learning Mojave Lrng CtrBob Barboza 843 - Mammoth Math: 40,000 Years and Counting Pueblo ACurt Abdouch • James Christman 844 - Revolutionary Math Intervention Woodstock TwoJanet Bales 846 - Examples and Resources for Mathematical Modeling Plaza BBRIAN LIM 847 - Using iPads Effectively with One or a Class Set Mesquite BTom Reardon 848 - Using Feedback & Revision to Improve Communicating Reasoning Primrose CPatrick Callahan • Jessica Balli Murk 851 - Let’s Put THEM back into MA-THEM-ATICS! Plaza DJennifer Branch • Roxanne Klarin 852 - Do the Math: Like Your Life Depends On It Roxy TwoJohn Berray • Jennifer North-Morris 853 - Trike Wars! How great tasks create great problem solvers AndreasMitch Heethius • Marti Hoyt 863 - Transforming How We Make Sense of Congruence and Similarity Roxy OneJennifer Wilson 896 - Preparing Teachers to Get the Practices Across to Students TapestryEric Shulman 890 - Calculus and the TI-Nspire CAS Smoke Tree BKim Thomas 842 - Put Remediation in the Hands of Your Students With AR SierraJohn Stevens • Matt Vaudrey 815 - The Parallel journeys of assessment and instruction Chino ACarolyn Olijnek 816 - Empowering Teachers to Transform Numeracy Mesquite DVicki Breneman 818 - The Language of Mathematics Woodstock OneJohn J. Gaines 819 - Developing Mathematical Thinking through Literature VenturaWilliam Bintz • Sara Moore 820 - Real and Virtual Manipulatives: Effectively Teach the CCSS Palladium SouthKevin Dykema 811 - Systematic measurement of PROGRESS: eSSENTIAL mATH SKILLS Smoke Tree CBob Sornson 812 - Math Club: How Math As Play Builds Core Competencies Smoke Tree ELaura Overdeck • Diana Pecina 813 - Rethinking how we respond to student misconceptions Chino BLaura Wallace • Kelli Wasserman 814 - NUMBER TALKS AND FRAYER MODELS Mesquite CMichelle Armenta • Susan Ritchie 810 - Building Number Sense and Problem Solving Readiness Pueblo BWendy Moulton • Cathy Nguyen 850 - Introduction to BLAST Learning Smoke Tree DBlaine Matis 899 - Understanding CalSTRS PERS and Social Security Mesquite ATodd Beckmann
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